girl, redeemed

{Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story. Psalm 107:2}

Redeeming Love: One student at a time

{girl, redeemed in room 223} Many people are afraid of high school students, with good reason. They are big. They have attitudes. They have a crazy amount of hormones coursing through their veins. They are apathetic. Their emotions run strong. Of course, there are many students who make teaching a breeze because they are ready […]

That time I got a Letter from God

Five summers ago, I visited my sister Abby and her family in Fort Worth, Texas. It was an unusual and wonderful visit because I was there along with my twin sister, Beth, and our brother, Dan. The four of us are rarely together for long stretches of time, so it felt special.   My husband and […]

Maybe it’s not my story to tell…

  …but I’m telling it anyway (with BethAnn’s permission). Pregnancy and delivery are always an adventure. But the adventure of BethAnn’s delivery was more than she and her husband T.J. bargained for. Twelve hours after delivering their beautiful baby boy, BethAnn had heart failure, pulmonary edema, and respiratory failure: a potentially deadly combination known as […]

Telling my story

This is where I will tell bits and pieces of my story until it starts to come together as one coherent tale of how God has brought me through the wild journey of life. As I process my thoughts through writing these words, I hope you find some hope and laughter and maybe learn something […]